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We are bringing back quality and meaning to the carbon removal and offset market

The path to 2ºC requires the development of carbon sinks

Even the most ambitious carbon emissions reductions will not be enough to meet the 2ºC objective on their own. Carbon removal will have to meet its full potential alongside ambitions reductions reduction strategies.

Why we need to go beyond carbon offsets

Reduction efforts have to be tackled first

IPCC findings tell us that reduction needs to take priority over offsets. Even today carbon credits are still sometimes used to divert from reduction efforts and as an alibi to keep polluting. Companies need stronger incentives to focus on real internal reduction efforts.

Carbon credit mechanisms are outdated

Kyoto-inspired voluntary carbon markets have a tendency to be ineffective and usually suffer from additionality and transparency concerns. Besides, they come with implementation failures and fuel greenwashing suspicions. Finally because of their structuration many small but high quality projects have difficulty to qualify for credits in those markets.

Offsetting is devoid of meaning

Emissions from fossil fuels cannot be « offsetted » with avoided emissions elsewhere or from natural carbon sinks. Which is why in a world of varying quality, impact and timeframe quantity is a misleading KPI. Moreover low-cost credits are usually irrelevant to their buyers’ activity and footprint, when companies should be engaging their values in the climate fight.

We strongly believe that the future is made of meaningful carbon removal actions. Actions that will support your company's transition to the low carbon economy, by being strongly aligned with your operations, values and goals.

Focusing on meaning & impact throughout our carbon approach

​We steer clear from the traditional high volume, low price, low quality credits that virtually offset emissions.


We only work with high impact environmental projects, paying a lot of attention to co-benefits, community impact and how closely each project aligns with your organisation and your goals.  ​

We strongly believe that your removal action needs to complement your emissions reduction strategy not distract from it.

Transition solutions

See how we can support your transition efforts into the low carbon economy through the implementation of an internal price of carbon to accelerate your transition.

Carbon solutions

See how we can help your company's transformation into a sustainability leader by creating a portfolio of meaningful & tailored carbon removal projects aligned with your corporate objectives and unique footprint.


Tell us more about your carbon removal ambitions & we will reach out shortly with a tailored proposal.

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